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    The Story Behind Profitable Wellness

    January 3, 2019

January 3, 2019

The Story Behind Profitable Wellness

Wondering how Profitable Wellness got its start? Here we share our simple story.

Jon and I have always been entrepreneurs. We’ve launched several businesses together and alone, some successful and some not, and it’s something we really enjoy. As we graduated college and worked in our various fields of web design, marketing, teaching, and others, we discovered our real passion: helping others achieve their dreams.

But how could we do that?

We came in contact with a wellness company through our sister-in-law, and discussed with her the need for business guidance as they trained in their field and stepped out on their own. We created a partnership with them and from there, realized we could provide great business tools and direction to those who have trained in tons of various wellness industries.

It’s one thing to have a passion for something, but it’s another to build a business out of it.

Seemingly overnight, Profitable Wellness came into light. We’ve been working on it for the tail end of 2018, and officially launched this month (January 2019). Our main goal is to help wellness companies and individuals make a living doing something they’re passionate about; something they love. Luckily, doing that is what we love, too! Everybody wins at Profitable Wellness!

So that’s how we got our start. Just a husband and wife team with specific skills in business and a passion for helping others.

Want to work with us? Contact us or check out our packages!

Written by Steffany Faldmo


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